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Music Documentaries  وثائقيّات موسيقيّه 



Mohammad Abdilwahhab-Life and Music

موسيقى وحياة الموسيقار محمد عبد الوهاب

A Multi-Media, Audio/Visual/Video Documentary about the music and life of Mohammad Abdilwahhab which includes 154 songs, 25 Musical pieces and 30 Video clips of his movie songs.

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Riyadh al-Sunbati- Life and Music

موسيقى وحياة الموسيقار رياض السنباطي

A Multi-Media, Audio/Visual Documentary about the life and music of Riyadh al-Sunbati

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Um Kalthoum's Life and Music

موسيقى وحياة السيّده أم كلثوم

A Video Documentary about Um Kalthoums life and songs, and the influential composers in her life. A 2 Hour Video Documentary

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