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Welcome to the "Classical Arabic Music" Web Site,

اهلا وسهلا بكم الى موقع الموسيقى العربيه الكلاسيكيّه

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Classical Arabic Music is proud to present the Classical Arabic Music Video Clips:
Samaii Muhayyar (Tunis TV Orchestra), Taqseem on the Qanoon (Ameen Khayyat), Soat al Sahara (Aawadh Doukhi), The Rababah


We hope that your visit to this web site will be a pleasant, joyful and an educational experience.  It’s our commitment to present as much information about Classical Arabic Music as circumstances allow.  It’s also our belief that a rich cultural and musical heritage, such as Arabic Music, should be kept alive and available to our fellow Arab Americans, our fellow Americans and all folks who have the desire to know about, and listen to Arabic Music.  A very diverse art form, Arabic Music, and later on, we will show the close relationship with Turkish and Persian Music, is listened to in a very vast region of the world.  From the Atlantic Ocean in North Africa to the far reaches of Central Asia, and from Asia Minor (present day Turkey and the Islamic Republics of the former Soviet Union) in the North, to Central Africa and the Arabian Peninsula in the South.   The Arabic Music as it’s known today in the Near East and North Africa is the product of an evolutionary art form that may have started as far back as the Greek civilization.  Any student of history can testify to the contributions of the various cultures and political powers to the evolution of this art form.  The Near East, North Africa and regions around the Mediterranean Sea have witnessed the intermingling of cultural and artistic knowledge throughout ancient and modern history.  From the Greek, the Phoenician, the Roman and the Persian empires, to the Islamic Empire, and later the Ottomans and Europeans, a diverse musical heritage has emerged.  A rich heritage indeed, and one, that is deserving of flourishing and survival, so future generations may know and enjoy



We have tried to, and continue trying, to collect and present to you a diverse number of examples representing the various Arabic musical Maqamat (Modes), musical forms and rhythms, and selected educational information about the musical structure, history and musical instruments of Arabic music.   A valuable musical presentation, available on this site, is an educational package called Comparative Arabic Music.  An Audio Musical Documentary and presentation that discusses, in detail, the various aspects of Arabic Music; its Maqamat, Forms and rhythms, supplemented with many musical examples from the Middle East and North Africa.  This Documentary is published in two different formats:  The first is the all audio presentation on 5 CD-ROMs.  The second format is a Multi Media CD-ROM that is Audio Visual (Audio Music + Text for explanations).  This last format lends itself to folks who like to read the explanations and listen to the musical examples. We have also prepared several Musical Packages representative of the many styles, forms, and regions where Arabic Music is played. So, please, browse through all the pages, listen to as many of the musical samples offered, and may your days and evenings be filled with great music.

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